2020 Edition

Te contamos lo que pasó en esta edición


Admiral Arte Contemporáneo
Seville, Spain

Tel Aviv, Israel

Beletage Art Space
Zurich, Switzerland

Cadmium Art Gallery
Madrid, Spain

Cobertura Photo
Seville, Spain

Parma, Italia

Ed Video
Guelph, Canadá

Valencia, España

Galería Art Atelier
Algeciras, España

Galería Artizar
Tenerife, Spain

Galería César Sastre
Seville, Spain

Pow Wow
Athens, Greece

La Doce
Boiro, España

Huelva, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Cuenca, España

Raum E116
Berlin, Germany

Madrid, Spain

Galería Espai D’Art 32
Pollença, España

Susana Pardo Gallery
Barcelona, Spain

Studija Mindiuzarte
Kaunas, Lituania

The Sea Urchins Container
Jávea, España

Zurich, Switzerland

Laura F. Izuzquiza
Premio impulsarte by Petit Palace

Visión Ultravioleta
Madrid, Spain

Toronto, Canadá

White Garage
Catania, Italia

Window of Fame
Zurich, Switzerland

Comerio, Italia

Yuan Ru Gallery
Taipéi, Taiwan

Zona D
Berlin, Germany

The Hague, The Netherlands

Barcelona, Spain

Manises, Spain

Museo del ruso
Cuenca, España


David Benarroch participates to the section with two pieces: Midnight bar y Please do not disturb. The first one is a sculpture that deconstructs the concept of ‘Gentleman’ by questioning the current concept of masculinity, specially in the Middle East since the artist is a native middle eastern. The second art piece uses a doorknob as a medium to exhibit a painting, taking as reference the iconic sign that can typically be found in hotels, and simultaneously playing with the polysemic meaning of the word ‘Disturb’. Esther Ventura Gálvez offers a luminous installation, Simetría Divina, based on the conceptualization of the patterns that rule Nature and the human being. Develado is the installation that Isabel Flores conceived considering the space that’ll host the art piece and that revises the modern prejudices against the decorative elements impulsed by the architect Adolf Loos in Ornament and Crime. (1907). In Las Churreras, Jennifer Custodio presents a narrative to tell in a dynamic, material and sonorous way how did the image that forms the main element of the installation happen. NO is a collaboration between Julia Tazreiter and Hui Ye that uses the morpheme NO as a material for its artistic work: an installation that includes drawings and sound. The performance Self-selfies by Laura Navarro is constituted by a consultancy cabinet for visual content creation on social networks and particularly on Instagram. A specialist on contemporary simulations will give advice and help out in the creation of visual content according to the message that social media users want to transmit, allowing them to better their virtual life. With Un poco de polvo al sol, un poco de barro cuando llueve, Laura Voskian develops the idea of the journey and the itinerary, not only as an esthetic experience but also as a reflexion on a past that indirectly belongs to her. The audiovisual installation Manifiesto Desciudar, approaches the theme of young artists and urban exodus. The documentary gathers the reasons why the creative workers decide to abandon big cities and move to rural areas. In De Madrid al Cielo, Tomás González Justicia analizes, through an installation made of luminous boxes, the famous proverb that gives its title to his art piece. Víctor Solanas shows with Sponge- Brick Wall his permanent interest for the redefinition of public space through the intervention of industrial elements, inviting the viewer to a constant reflexion on space and its occupation as well as on the temporal and spatial scale that is imposed upon us by our era.

Selected artists 2020

David Benarroch – Midnight bar y Please do not disturb

Esther Ventura Gálvez – Simetría Divina

Isabel Flores – Develado

Jennifer Custodio – Las Churreras

Julia Tazreiter y Hui Ye – No

Laura Navarro – Self-selfies

Laura Voskian – Un poco de polvo al sol, un poco de barro cuando llueve

Sílvia Ferrer – Manifiesto Desciudar

Tomás González Justicia – De Madrid al Cielo

Víctor Solanas – Sponge- Brick Wall

Talking Independent

A place to discuss with specialists relevant issues about the national and international independent art scene.

Introduction to the international independent art scene: Creeping Matter: The exhibition and distribution of new media works – Jenn E Norton, visual artist

Introduction to the international independent art scene: Yellow: an alternative path in the Art Industry – Lucia Veronesi, artist and director of Yellow ‘(EN) – Lucia Veronesi, artista y directora de Yellow

Introduction to the international independent art scene: When Art Is a Problem – Anna Elisabeth Kruyswijk, director of Lauwer (EN) – Anna Elisabeth Kruyswijk, directora de Lauwer

Audience engagement and use of new technologies and other strategies for the communication of culture: Panel discussion (ES) Moderator: Henar Ortega, founder of Contarlo and head of press at Hybrid Art Fair. Guests: Myriam González, communication manager at Matadero, Carolina Fernández Castrillo, Professor of Transmedia Communication and Digital Culture at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Diego Iglesias, co-founder of Hyper Studio and Finding Art

Experimental and collective models of managing cultural projects: TRUSTING PROCESSES – Into the fluidity of collective art production and initiation – Eliza Goldox, founder of Zona D

Experimental and collective models of managing cultural projects:La resiliencia como modelo de gestión cultural emergente (ES) – Daniel Raposo Montes, co-founder of Lamosa – Daniel Raposo Montes, co fundador de Lamosa

Experimental and collective models of managing cultural projects: Panel discussion (ES) Moderator: Ana Sanfrutos, co-director of HYBRID Art fair and co-founder of Boreal Projects. Guests: Alfredo Morte, co-founder of Taller Omnívoros, Daniel Silvo, director of Galería Nueva and Atelier Solar and María Nieto García, director of exhibitions in La Casa Encendida.

New art collector and platforms for promoting art: ‘Broadening the Gallery Model by Project Services’ (EN) – Susanne König, fundadora de König Büro

New art collector and platforms for promoting art: Panel discussion (ES) Moderator: Elvira Rilova, cultural manager and curator, founder of Acelerador de Artistas and director of Librarte. Guests: Javier Iturralde, entrepreneur, advisor, commissioner and activist, Zoraya Ghanem and José Luís Guijarro, co-founders of Programa Taide and Enrique del Río, founder of WeCollect


Slvj + Rayuli

continuo presents a sound and visual experience. The performance of the electronic musics Slvj and Cruhda is joined by the visual creations of Rayuli and Judith Adataberna, all on a scenography created site-specific for the room by the members of the continuous.

Slvj is one of the most influential DJs in Madrid after the Abismal label, a collective that revolutionized the way of doing electronics from the periphery in 2010. Its productions use geolocated recordings to create loops, atmospheres and rhythms of bass, techno and hip -hop abstract from a queer and ecologist perspective. Her songs have appeared on labels like FuturePastZine or Caballito.

Rayuli is a visual artist who works with digital, creative code and video installation to generate experiential states. Her particular sensitivity as a specialist in radiology makes her reflect on the potential of the body as an artistic material, using the (non) diagnostic image as inspiration. Within the Abismal project she worked as a visual manager where she contributed so that festive events were also sensory experiences.

Cruhda + Judith Adataberna

Paula Tweaker AKA CRUHDA works a dark and lyrical electronics that we could call DarkCopla. In his EP ÍBERA MORTE, co-produced by AVEL, sounds from the harshest tradition of the Castilian steppe are mixed with invocations and crunches that connect with the afterlife. She officially debuted at the ITHAKA festival and has recently shared the stage with Moor Mother. 

Judith Adataberna He trained in Fine Arts, where he discovered his passion for the image by exploring the relationships between psyche, artifice and nature. In a multidisciplinary way, she has worked with photography, fashion and experimental cinema collaborating with various professionals in the field. She has participated with video-installations in various exhibitions such as Lan (d) Party, Despiece (s) in Madrid and Sim Gallery in Reykjavik. As a performer she has collaborated with Mar Reyjkavik and Emma Backlünd and has participated in Die Vögel “Ser alien” in Daoiz and Velarde in Madrid.

Glue Kids

The performances curated by Litorate , or what is the same, by Joaquín León; musician, filmmaker and visual designer. Thus, the highlights of the 2nd night of the fair will be Kamala Sutra and Glue Kids, the musical project of Dj Tres.

Glue Kids was born to unleash a gloomy and dystopian sound universe that has materialized in three disc-shaped projects: Santos Inocentes ( Galleta, 2014) -influenced by rap in all its materializations, but with a multitude of nuances -, Fuego Amigo (Galleta, 2017) -an incidental sound journey for a story that does not exist, focused on the soundscapes and away from genre clichés- and Music Inspired by the Film Take Shelter (Solid Tapes, 2019) -a split tape shared with producer Lost Twin that explores his musical interpretations of the film by Jeff Nichols.

In their live , J. Villalba on synths and dubs and L. Bolaño (Shooting Star) on guitar and effects, offer a duo setup on stage in where the instruments merge in the search for a sound that draws on contemporary music or minimalist electronics and ambient but also dub or doom metal, to create hypnotic and intense passages.



Glue Kids

Kamala Sutra dedicates his life to the techno scene. In 2010 she started DJing and promoting her own electronic events with the ASA People collective. In 2014 she travels to London and is a resident of the Legion Club. She began her own productions in 2012, but until 2018, in Madrid, her openly emotional and hypnotic sound did not appear, which captivates the Música Dispersa collective and opens the way for the production company in a new festival called “Woman in Experimental” that is celebrated by All Europe. In 2019 she released her first EP “you forgot u love me” and later she presented us with her project “Embrión”, an audiovisual show. In addition, she Andrea is the artistic director of the Bruto Madrid brand and has worked as a performer in various events.


o.T. (Hoffnung/hope)

Artist: Domingo Chaves (Beletage Art Space)

The performance is part of a broader group of artist performances that thematize the relationships and dependency between the artist and his work of art.

Inspired by the "living statues" of street artists, it oscillates between satire and monument, with the intention of questioning certain perceptions of value and purpose in portraying failure rather than success.

The kneeling posture of the artist can be interpreted as a hope, a prayer or mourning. The work of art, made of wire and paper, is presented as something fragile, torn and indefinite object of use, as opposed to a shiny and neat piece of craftsmanship.

Ink Creation Show

Artist: Julie Hsieh (Yuan Ru Gallery)

Julie Hsieh, a Taiwanese artist from Yuan Ru Gallery, will share her creative process by painting live. With the floor covered with rice paper, the artist moves smoothly on and around the paper like a stage. She dips the brush in ink and applies it to the paper with the movement of her whole body, like a dance. In the background, oriental music with the melody sung by the artist accompanies her live painting of her.

With the colaboration of:


Artist: Laura Navarro (Displaced)

"Self-selfies" consists of an advisory office for the creation of visual content for social networks, mainly Instagram.

A specialist in contemporary simulations, will advise and help in the preparation of visual material tailored to the message that users of social networks want to transmit, to improve their virtual life. According to the needs of each participant, they will be offered a wide catalog of possibilities to give their snapshots an extra quality. You will find a varied catalog of dream landscape backgrounds for enviable selfies, gourmet props such as oysters, champagne and cardboard Rollies. A compilation of the best famous quotes by Paulo Coelho and other authors to place in the caption of the photo, among many other options to get the perfect selfie. Also improve your selfies with infallible tools for virtual seduction.

Sponge-Brick RGB Wall

Artist: Víctor Solanas-Díaz (Displaced)

Sponge Brick RGB Wall proposes a redefinition of public space through the intervention with industrial elements, inviting the viewer to a constant reflection on the space and its occupation. The structures created with simple polyurethane bath sponges generate modular networks that refer to the decoration of buildings and architectures, but in this case following the RGB color perception criteria.

La Churrera

Artist: Jennifer Custodio (Displaced)

The homemade churros in the kitchen cupboard would be a nice relief; I feel like trying them, although it would be a mistake. It's 18:10 and I have the churro in my backpack wrapped in albal paper. I want to eat it, but I can't.

Since I have arrived in Galicia, I have realized that there are many churros, that there are many churrerías, and that they eat many churros. People only think of going to have some churros. That day we were in the car, and I had to order a stop because there were some churreras on the shoulder of the road. Galicians are definitely obsessed with churros. I had to buy a dozen greasy churros to make them a video and a Polaroid. I sense that the boss was called María, because on the grimy canvas eaten away by the sun she said “Churrería María”; or perhaps she preferred to be called Mary how well she proclaimed her gold pendant. The hierarchy was clear, Mary on the left and her employee on the right. They didn't like me very well, but I already had Las Churrera from A Escravitude portrayed.

I never ate those churros; I gave them as a gift, as I plan to give you this tray of churros.

I can't eat them, so I thought that everyone likes to eat churros.

Well enjoy them!

Ágape, Apoteosis, Ascensión

Artist: Cristina Savage (Admiral Arte Contemporáneo)

Consume, destroy, deify, celebrate, repress, transform, impose, invoke and share: these are actions that “Cristian Savage” will carry out in different areas of room 109.

Taking a sound work “Our Man” (ADAGP Paris, 2003) by the artist Ismael Kachtihi Del Moral (Tangier, 1962), who reinterprets the Christian prayer “Our Father”, as the cornerstone for this performance, Cristina Savage (Connecticut, 1979 ) will try to enter into the social construction of identity, culture and religion.

Estudios descubiertos

Artist: Martín Lagares

Live sculpture by Martín Lagares with Maria JL Hierro and Macarena del Pozo as models and recording and music by Irene Cruz.