Room 116


Barcelona, Spain


Yvan Mas
Huberto Ribas
Victor Perez Porro
Hiroshi Kitamura
María Mercader


Presentation of new additions of contemporary artists to the AMAGATS collective: Yvan Mas, Humberto Ribas, Victor Pérez Porro, Hiroshi Kitamura, Maria Mercader, Humberto Ribas, Hiroshi Kitamura, Maria Mercader.

About the exhibitor

Amagats is a disruptive proposal as a space/laboratory focused on the research of creative process pieces by mid-career Artists with unique art pieces priced under €1000. Amagats has the double objective of a) encouraging art lovers to create a collection of art at affordable prices and investment for the future and b) creating a new market at affordable prices for contemporary artists.

Monica Sans