Anna Nova Gallery

Room 119

Anna Nova Gallery

San Petersburgo, Rusia


Anna Andrzhievskaia


Anna Nova Gallery presents a solo project by Anna Andrzhievskaia called ‘El flan rosa’. It is part of a large-scale series of artist’s exhibitions dedicated to the themes of migration, shelter and mimicry. The title of the project refers to the Spanish phraseological phrase ‘estar como un flan’, which means to feel excitement.  

In her latest projects, the artist literally ‘jumps’ into various public spaces that are not usually intended to display of the works of art (cafes, beauty salons, shops, hotels, etc.). The whole series is united by the concept of a parallel reality that materialises in our world through special portals. The artist creates images of non-human agents who mimic everyday objects, but they do not always do it successfully, so the project has both tragic and comic effects. 

The chosen exhibition venues are ‘non-places’ — spaces of temporary residence that appear to be alien to everyone. As a result, the central theme of the project is the opposition between ‘friend/foe’ and the phenomenon of the Other, who tries to adapt in the new community. 

About the exhibitor

Anna Nova Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Saint Petersburg, founded in 2005. Nowadays, it is one of the leading and longest-running art businesses in Russia. The gallery addresses the most significant ideas of the XXI century art, and collaborates with local and foreign artists and curators, creating bold and groundbreaking projects. Since 2007, the gallery has regularly participated in major contemporary art fairs like ARCO Madrid, viennacontemporary, PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai, Art Cologne, VOLTA Art Fairs, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair и Cosmoscow, and many more.

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