Galería Beatriz Pereira

Room 115

Galería Beatriz Pereira

Plasencia, Spain


Isabel Flores
Sergius Fitz
Maravillas Artero
Pilar de Puerto
Rebeca Khamlichi


uninterrupted innocence - hybrid 2024

Inés Alonso Jarabo x Beatriz Pereira Gallery

After using cinematographic language as the title of the project in the last edition, Galería Beatriz Pereira returns to Hybrid with "Uninterrupted Innocence", with the work of Maravillas Artero, Isabel Flores, Sergius Fitz, Rebeca Khamlichi and Pilar del Puerto. The name of this exhibition is a direct reference to the well-known film by James Mangold: "Girl, interrupted" ("Girl, interrupted", 1999), starring Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder, which begins as follows: "Have you ever mistaken a dream for real life, have you ever been melancholy, have you ever thought your train was moving while standing still...? Maybe I was crazy (...) or maybe I was just a girl, interrupted". Thus, in 1999, this film asks us many questions that we usually ask ourselves in private, questions that we asked as children and were not able to answer, questions that interrupted our childhood, innocence and adolescence.

With "Uninterrupted Innocence" we invite everyone who once couldn't, to ask themselves these and other questions, to recover their innocence, to be able to wander without wondering if we are crazy. Sergius Fitz comes to Hybrid with a personal naïf style that combines the words and characters of our childhood, putting before the spectator hard reflections of innocent appearance. Maravillas Artero returns after her success in the last edition rethinking her influences, leaving behind childhood at home to praise adolescence outside of it. Rebeca Khamlichi fuses religious iconography with contemporary icons such as Pikachu or the Lacoste crocodile in a small mockery of what everyone idealises. From her hard conceptualism, Pilar del Puerto analyses the influences that we receive in our childhood to ask ourselves how these influences

in our childhood to consider how they affect our development. Finally, Isabel Flores works with the expansive capacity of ornament, the concept of ambivalence that the film deals with refers to limits and in her work, Isabel works beyond them, with painting beyond the frame.

"To be mad is not to be broken, nor to harbour a dark secret, it is to be like you, or like me, but amplified", this is how this film ends, this is how we want you to feel when you finish watching our proposal, amplified in an ambivalence that far from blocking us, frees us.

About the exhibitor

The Beatriz Pereira Gallery arises from the illusion, sorority and passion for art, as part of the young network of the contemporary art sector in our country, to highlight the value of women creators and contemporary artistic proposals presented from a gender perspective.

It is an active space with online headquarters whose main objective is to generate a meeting place, an opportunity for connection between artists, the public and collectors.
The gallery believes in the power of art as an element of social change, and therefore seeks to promote and support the contemporary creation of Artists, giving voice to their ideas, making their works visible and promoting their work, but also aims to create a space that invites reflection and knowledge of current social issues.
The Beatriz Pereira Gallery promotes an emerging collecting that seeks an art that is close, current and unique, and that sets the foundations for subsequent generations. An almost grassroots collecting that seeks to make a niche for itself in the small details of everyday life.

Over the years, Spanish art has maintained what has been called the "persistent invisibility of women as creative subjects", as Patricia Mayayo explains in her book Historias de mujeres, historias del arte (Ensayos Arte Cátedra). The Galería Beatriz Pereira is a space open to anyone who dares to allow themselves to be trapped by contemporary creative projects that, in some way, seek to put an end to this invisibility.

Beatriz Pereira