Cobertura Photo

Room 106

Cobertura Photo

Seville, Spain


Juan Almansa
Lucie Fernández
Mónica Mena
Rong Hu
Gema Galán


About the exhibitor

We are a space dedicated to photography and its relationship with other artistic disciplines; a place for meeting and photographic creation. We are a school, a gallery, a bookshop, studio... and more.
We are a meeting point for those who are passionate about photography and that is why we like to share our knowledge and experiences. We teach how to look at the world and how to relate to it through photography.
We focus our activities in the field of training and our school develops a programme of courses and workshops ranging from beginners to master classes with great photographers, also carrying out an Annual Photography Course.
At the same time, we work as a collective and we devise and develop photographic projects of a pedagogical nature, independently and in collaboration with other cultural entities, a specialised library, an exhibition space and a set for photographic sessions.


Alberto Rojas Maza