Dom Art Residency

Room 205

Dom Art Residency

Sitges, España


Irina Drozd
Joan Priego
Rahim El
Cabanes Fontao


DOM Art Residence, an independent collective of curators and artists, presents the project OUTSIDE, created especially for HYBRID Art Fair. Outside is a unique, site-specific study on the theme of reality and the escape into an alternative created world, the coexistence of parallel universes. We find ourselves in an era of tectonic shifts in everyday reality and constant global changes, with internal and international conflicts that never cease, leading us to rethink our values on a daily basis. In this context, the artist's creativity not only reflects this fractured reality, but also becomes a means of seeking answers, a way out of the situation expressed metaphorically.

Through the works of four artists working with different materials and techniques, Irina Drozd, Juan Priego, Cabanes Fontao and Rahim El, the OUTSIDE project invites us to travel together on the path of exploring and experiencing parallel realities.

Irina Drozd, a multi-media artist, is represented by ceramic works. Her small creations open the door to a playful, sometimes disturbing parallel universe.

Juan Priego, a sculptor who works mainly with wood, shows us how the physical becomes metaphysical, how inanimate material is transformed into living tissue.

Rahim El, an artist who skilfully combines abstract painting with insightful and sincere wefts. The stories told are intertwined with intense emotions, leaving a unique impression.

In Cabanes Fontao's works, the cold and fragmented plastic left on the shores are transformed into complex natural forms, making the viewer reflect on the nature of time in creativity and on the possibility of a society, albeit unrealistic, where consumption does not pose a threat to the planet.

OUTSIDE is an investigative art project where the viewer can immerse themselves in the world of fantasy, in new dimensions and the freedoms they bring with them. Each of the artists presented seeks their unique interpretation of the theme of escaping reality and creating a parallel universe, opening up new possibilities for understanding art in contemporary society.

About the exhibitor

DOM Art Residence is an international team of curators and Artists. DOM, which stands for discovery, originality and modernity, is designed to foster the professional and personal growth of Artists at any stage of their career, including all disciplines. The residency offers a supportive space to develop their creative skills and receive mentoring and support.

DOM Art Residence abre sus puertas a creadores de arte contemporáneo dos veces al año. Durante un mes, los artistas viven y trabajan en lugares auténticos de Europa, creando instalaciones «site-specific». Nuestra misión durante la residencia es presentar no solo las obras, sino también el proceso creativo, permitiendo al público conocer a los autores. Cada instalación es una colaboración entre comisarios y artistas con respecto al espacio expositivo y la presentación del autor y su arte. DOM Art Residence actúa como un puente sin prejuicios, convenciones ni barreras entre el artista y el espectador.

Irina Cheremisova