Room 110


Ponferrada, Spain


Cathy Alvarez Valle
Carnita Alvarez Valle
Reme Remedios


Art paths of 3 cousins

"Our story is a story of encounter, of departure and return, towards ourselves and our common roots. We are united by our grandfather, that's why we call ourselves "Sister cousins 3 granddaughters of the Dancer", but we are united, and perhaps even more strongly, by art".

Primas hermanas 3 nietas del Bailarín is a collective formed by the artists Carnita Álvarez, Cathy Álvarez and Reme Remedios. 

The paths that each one of them has followed as an artist have led them to give their works an individual personality, and there have been common aspects between the three of them in a natural way; for example, the constant search for new languages through research with traditional materials and techniques such as embroidery, ceramics or the loom. Although they also use other media such as video and photography. 

For the Fair, we present what will be their first project as a collective, although their individual career is long and extensive. 

It is a central collective work, which will be placed on the bed of the Room: a mantle created by the three Artists specifically for Hybrid 2024. The cyanotype mantle on intervened canvas will serve as a support for the exhibition composition with the individual works of each artist. These works will expand from the centre of the mantle to the walls, the furniture in the room and the bathroom, taking over the space with:

Carnita's textile work and sculpture, Cathy's embroidered photos and Reme Remedios' drawings and painted ceramics. Paths that come together through the dialogue between the works, the materials and the themes of each one: religious iconography, plant and animal world, representation of women, threads, fabrics, photography and video.

About the exhibitor

DOSMILVACAS [ art, creativity and therapy].
We are, since 2006, a space for art, creativity and therapy in Ponferrada, León.

We propose an open dialogue between art, therapy and spirituality through artistic projects, art and personal knowledge workshops, meditation and meetings, generating a space for creative research and the exploration of self-awareness.

The proposals we have carried out have expanded our project to other spaces and cities, actively collaborating with different collectives, institutions and art gallerie

Reme Remedios Carrera Fernández