Estudio Vargas 13

Room 210

Estudio Vargas 13

Madrid, Spain


Joaquin Capa
Maria Luisa Sanz
Luis Sanz
Greta Hammond


Title: Superficies vitales

Art is a non-place where imagination and the possibility of creating other worlds converge. A terrain to put and remove pieces, to overflow lines and planes, to try out changing compositions, to explore from colour, stain, text,

To generate vital flows through the visual.

En TallerVargas13 queremos que lo que conecte las piezas de la exposición sea el deseo por descubrir estos viajes y proponga nuevas rutas a los espectadores. Pensamos en Ilevar estas superficies vitales a un espacio «íntimo» como es el contexto de un hotel, para generar rupturas de lo cotidiano, vibraciones, movimientos cromáticos y compositivos.

The image thus functions as a haven and a place where one can venture to perceive sensations and stimuli.

About the exhibitor

Taller Vargas 13 brings together artists from different generations who share creative processes in the same workshop. We build artistic proposals that merge disciplines, experiences and ideas. We investigate from different materials, conceiving the works as inexhaustible experiments.

Vargas13 is also the coexistence of books, frames, magazines, plants, catalogues, collections of objects collected in trips around the world, brushes, papers, skateboards and a creative environment that flourishes from the collaborative.

Painting, engraving, urban art and the multiple experiments that we share expose the multifaceted condition of the contemporary scene where art manages to amalgamate techniques and affections. A vital place like the creative processes, a source in constant movement.

Joaquín Capa