La Transformadora

Room 203

La Transformadora

Seville, Spain


Javier Velasco
Victor Pulido
Belleda López
Antonio Herrera
Rafa Herrera


La transformadora creates a vital space with Andalusian artists, where research into new languages and art as a tool for social transformation are fundamental axes in the development of the different creative processes.

We have chosen 4 artists from Seville's Fine Arts '92 graduating class, from different Andalusian provinces and with their own language, different from what the current Andalusian contemporary art scene has to offer.

We are convinced that art has no age and this is the reason why we have chosen two emerging artists who are antagonistic in physical age. Both are extraordinarily creative in their use of recycled materials. This is a subject that we are very sensitive to and which gives us the opportunity to raise awareness through art.

Art is a tool for social transformation.


About the exhibitor

La Transformadora is a space for contemporary creation that promotes Andalusian art and its Artists. We know that art is a tool for social transformation and that is why we are determined to use this medium to propose a more liveable world.

Our Artists are irreverent, passionate, fighters and convinced that their work brings new things to the art world and to life in general. Passion is our engine and enthusiasm our fuel.
La pasión es nuestro motor y la ilusión nuestra gasolina

RafaeL Herrera
Belleza Lopez
Antonio Herrera