Les Nouveaux Riches

Room 102

Les Nouveaux Riches

Parallel Vienna / Austrian Cultural Forum


Alessandro Albrecht
Carli Fridolin Biller
Felix Schwentner
Nina McNab


In cooperation with PARALLEL VIENNA, Les Nouveaux Riches presents four artists in a group exhibition at the Hybrid Art Fair 2024 from March 7 to 10, 2024 in Madrid: Alessandro Albrecht, Carli Fridolin Biller, Felix Schwentner and Nina McNab.

La exposición colectiva «vierundzwanzig’sieben» se centra en el arte como compañero social constante.

About the exhibitor

Les Nouveaux Riches (shortened LNR) emerged in April 2019 with the goal of providing a platform for artists, culture producers, curators, creatives, off-spaces, and galleries. Since its inception, we have published more than 1,700 interviews online and several distinct print editions. We have organized events, conducted studio visits, undertaken various projects, cu- rated art exhibitions, and facilitated connections between artists and galle- ries and off-spaces. In addition to our focus on developing new audiences, we are committed to contemporary communication in the arts and cultural landscape and creating innovative presentation venues and opportunities.


Daniel Pucher