Más Cara Que Espalda

Room 108

Más Cara Que Espalda

Seville, Spain


Jaime Abaurre


The creative project presented by Más Cara Que Espalda at Hybrid Art Fair brings together the work of Jaime Abaurre's last two exhibitions, "Todo es un juego" and "Antes, todo esto era campo" together with works produced especially for this fair.

«Todo es un Juego» es una exposición cuyo concepto gira en torno al azar y se materializa en una baraja de cartas.

 At the same time, the works of "Antes todo esto era campo" present classical figures and scenes and show how we alter our surroundings without giving value to what preceded us, rebuilding on what was once built on the field.

About the exhibitor

Más Cara Que Espalda is located in the heart of Seville, sharing an ecosystem with different galleries and art centres in the city. In calle don Alonso el Sabio 8, the emblematic building of the regionalist architect Aníbal González houses the exhibition space and studio of the Sevillian artist, Jaime Abaurre.

Más Cara Que Espalda was born with the purpose of showing Jaime's work, but over time it has been the destination of many exhibitions, both collective and individual. This space has become a meeting place for curators, collectors, historians, artists, musicians and gallery owners of different nationalities.

In Más Cara Que Espalda the complete process of a work of art takes place, from its creation to its exhibition.

Jaime Abaurre