Room 101

Verona, Italy


OPEN BODIES The exhibition project’s theme is humanity. The artworks will depict several aspects of human relationships. The exhibition, curated by Alessio Vigni, will be set up inside a hotel room, an intimate and private place, and will analyse the human being through words, sound, images and video.

Giulio Ancona
Leonardo Avesani
Chiara Ventura

About the exhibitor

Director: Alessio Vigni

Sobre el colectivo
Artistsplurale was founded in 2020 and today sees as active members Giulio Ancona (Verona, Italy, 1997), Leonardo Avesani (Verona, Italy,1997) and Chiara Ventura (Verona, Italy, 1997). Exploring an empathic form of existence, plurale working on the problems that encounter daily, focusing on language, on form of violence, and on how their generation places itself in the world. In 2022 it published Gesto empatico (Empathic Gesture) a poetic statement affirming its being-in-the- world, where empathic action is affirmed as a means of restoring equal rights and dignity to beings and things.CuratorAlessio Vigni, born in 1994 and Tuscan by origin, holds a master degree in art history. He has collaborated with important Italian museums and major international art foundations. Currently, he is co-curator of the project "Il Terzo Paradiso in Laguna di Venezia" for Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto. Author of art catalogs and volumes, he also reports for several art magazines.