Sarao Studio

Room 215

Sarao Studio

A Coruña, España


Ruth Lodeiro
Laura López
Lidia Amado
Hugo Saliente
Martin Nuñez


The exhibition project revolves around the theme of home. It plays with the room itself that becomes a temporary home, home as an amalgam of meanings that intertwine in our perception. It can be a physical home, an architectural structure that stands as a witness to a lifetime; the memories of home, often magnified in our minds, weaving a web of nostalgia and longing that can become confused in our imagination; the body also as a home that, though changing and in continuous transformation, we continue to inhabit and take refuge in; the people who make up a home through interpersonal relationships, a home that is intangible but powerful, grounded in emotional bonds that create a solid and safe emotional refuge.

Thus, a home can be conceived in innumerable ways and is traversed by different conditions. It is a complex and enigmatic system woven from threads of human experiences, emotions and connections. Ultimately, a home is the manifestation of life itself, where we find refuge and meaning in its diversity and complexity.

About the exhibitor

Sarao Studio is a gallery that wants to put art and people on the move. It aims to break with the distance that places art in an unreal and almost unattainable space and bring it to what it is: an expression of people for people. Fulfilling the function of a missing link, it mainly bets on Artists who are finishing their studies or have recently graduated and want to start their artistic career professionally, but don't know where to start or how. We are their launching pad, the first step in a promising career.

We are also home to more established and renowned artists who want to explore and experiment with new facets that they have not yet found a place for.

Néstor Cristóbal Da Silva Carro