The Stendhal Room

Room 216

The Stendhal Room

Madrid, Spain


Lucila Bodelón
Carol Galiñanes

Leila Forés


The bed is not a piece of furniture, it is a place. A project by The Stendhal Room for Hybrid 2024

The proposal is based on Augè's concept of "non-places", which suggests that there are places of transience that are not important enough to be considered "places". Non-places did not exist in the past, they are contemporary spaces of anonymous confluence, where people in transit must settle for a limited waiting time. In theory, non-places can only produce provisional and ephemeral relationships, and the people who pass through these spaces consider that their stay in that place is temporary, marking a distance from the space without considering it as their own.

In our exhibition proposal we seek to change this perception; for us, in our non-place, important things happen.

As a symbolic element of the proposal we have chosen the bed, a place where a multitude of events can occur. Each artist will present a proposal with their own artistic language under the slogan "the bed is not a piece of furniture, it is a place".