Veo Arte en todas pArtes

Room 201

Veo Arte en todas pArtes

Madrid, Spain


Indigo Planets
Maite Vroom
María Pujol


We present "The Witching Hour", the exhibition proposal we have created for Hybrid 2024. This project is developed around the mystery of "The Witching Hour", a moment that so many literary and fantastic texts have represented and interpreted for decades.

We will feature works by Cayotiko (Zaragoza), Indigo Planets (Zaragoza), Nunurix (Madrid), Maite Vroom (Madrid) and María Pujol. All of them are currently developing work for this exhibition under this theme.

Throughout history, the belief in the occult, that which escapes our gaze, the inexplicable, the arcane, has gradually transformed into a longing to find the truth.

We know that there is no single truth on this matter, but we can affirm that common concepts coexist around the different interpretations and searches for truth. The reality that we inevitably link to life, the in-between or the path where magical encounters and the hidden side, the afterlife or death take place.

Enraptured by the magical, we endow various figures with extraordinary powers, sometimes of flesh and blood or around the unusual, represented by ghostly, incorporeal and ephemeral forms.

In this way an imaginary is formed that reaches from the frontier of what is tangible to the world of dreams, where magic is transformed into a way of living and feeling, a living reflection of what we are on another plane. In many occasions rituals or less travelled paths lead from one side to the other.

With this project we will examine and question the vision of 5 Artists, the interpretation of worlds that touch each other from different prisms, where light, darkness, enigma or the obvious coexist in the same space, transforming it. 

About the exhibitor

Veo Arte en todas pArtes is a cultural communication platform whose aim is to bring together and show the most human side of art.

Since 2009 it has acted as a link between the different agents in the ecosystem: communicating culture, organising events and initiatives, curating exhibitions, collaborating with galleries, working closely with artists, attending fairs and being official media partners.

Nuria García Arias