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Room 105

We Art Exhibitions

Madrid, Spain


Javier Sáez Castán


We Art Exhibitions presents Hotel Extraños: an ad hoc project for Hybrid Art Fair 2024. 

The room assigned by the fair will in turn into a hotel itself where the most colourful and suggestive characters will be hosted by the creator of illustrated artefacts Javier Sáez Castán (National Illustration Award 2016).

Hotel Extraños

The guests have been arriving since dawn, slowly but surely, discreetly or announced with great fanfare. Here are Edward Hopper or Evita Perón, King Kong or the Fiera Corrupia, the Big Blue Teddy or his fairy godmother. Welcome, Monsieur Verne. How do you do, Frau Dietrich? Come in, Don Miguel.

No one asks you where you come from, whether you come from a picture book, a poster or a sketchbook. Nor its technique, whether it is an oil on aluminium, an acrylic on board or a meticulous pen and ink drawing. Because at the Hotel Extraños there is room for everyone. On one condition: that their passport is in the name of Javier Sáez, the author who has been creating these strange characters over the years and for the most diverse purposes.

About the exhibitor

We are a young company dedicated to organising and curating travelling exhibitions focused on the world of illustration in all its fields. 

In 2020 we incorporated into our project the production and sale of graphic work and limited editions of illustration, as well as originals, becoming in turn an online gallery.

Our aim is to promote and disseminate, nationally and internationally, the work of renowned illustrators, in close collaboration with museums and cultural institutions.

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