Emergencia is a project inspired by the current crisis caused by COVID-19 and held in the context of the 5th edition of Hybrid Festival . The word Emergency refers to a situation of alert in the face of a danger that requires immediate action, but is also used in the field of art to talk about the new.

This new Edition is presented as a means to interpret a present without certainties or guarantees and to produce new forms of action on a speculative future .

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The selected projects open a narrative on the theme Interconnectivity, framed within the Emergency exhibition of the fifth edition of Hybrid Festival. Works are presented that orbit around how the body and how the experiences we live are transformed and adapted to an ultra digitized context caused by the confinements that occurred during the pandemic. The exhibition wants to open a dialogue on how this new way of living has affected us, the consequences that will remain and if the conditions exist for a total paradigm shift.


La crisis sanitaria ha tenido un brutal impacto económico sobre la sociedad y deja un escenario oscuro para el sector cultural. En particular el del arte, que aún se recuperaba lentamente de otra crisis económica y de su lacra inmanente de dificultades para la profesionalización, afronta ahora un reto histórico de supervivencia. Este espacio quiere reflexionar sobre las dificultades que sufren los artistas respondiendo de una manera abierta a las siguientes preguntas: How do artists and cultural workers deal with precariousness? How is artistic work configured in a society that imposes the requirement of performance? What would a society be like where art was considered a social good, a wealth that must be protected and supported? Is the domestic space a new scenario of labor hyperproductivity in precarious conditions?

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In the last installment of the exhibition, works and artistic practices oriented to environmental and social sustainability will be presented, as well as to give space to the proliferation of narratives of the end of the world and works within the currents of anti-naturalism and technomaterialism. What should our relationship with nature be in a century of climate change and ecological crisis? How can we foster a culture of collaboration, where sharing replaces competition? Is it possible to remain optimistic and hope for a future based on sustainability? What would the best possible future look like? And the worst?



Ludovica Cadario

Curator and cultural manager. She studied Art History in Milan and later took a Master's in Curation and Mediation in Zurich. She worked for the Department of Contemporary Art at the University of Zurich and for a few years she has lived in Spain, collaborating with different international fairs.


Throughout these years it has built a solid international network that has favored an exchange in the field of contemporary art between Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Participating spaces

Grupo 494


10 March


Encuentro de Emergencia sobre Interconectividad

Participantes: Cristina García (Visión Ultravioleta), Carolina Fernández Castrillo (Experta en comunicación y cultura digital en la UCIII de Madrid) y l@s artistas Eva Zaragozá (Fosforita), Guillermo Solas y Ampparito.

Modera: Mª Eugenia Chenlo

11 March


Encuentro Hybrid + Nesxt

Participantes: Organización Hybrid: Ana Sanfrutos y Aida Chaves; Organización Nesxt: Olga Gambari y Annalisa Russo, Ilaria Peretti, Francesca Melis, Francesca Arri; Representantes espacios de Madrid: Juan Gómez Alemán (La Juan Gallery), Daniel Silvo (Atelier Solar) y Begonya Garcia y Alfonso Fernández (Ey! Studio); Representantes espacios de Turín: Cecilia Ceccherini (Bastione), Maura Banfo y Susanna Ravelli (colectivo Manús)
Modera: Ludovica Cadario

17 March


Encuentro de Emergencia sobre Precariedad

Marko Zednik (Casa Banchel), Proyecto Prekariart y l@s artistas Laura Lío, Marco Pardo y Ana Esmith a.k.a. Miss Beige

Modera: Ludovica Cadario


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