AKA artist-run

Habitación 114

AKA artist-run

Saskatoon, Canada


Maggie Groat


Where do we really go when we sleep? Who’s dreams are we dreaming? And can I go back to bed yet? This collection of works, on paper, printed textiles and ceramics, function as a series of speculative tools for aiding in human sleep, on the one hand as an act of late-capitalist escape, refusal and protest, and on the other hand the space in which to access dream spaces, the alternate worlds that parallel, push up against or completely defy our waking ones. What images make you sleepy? What plants might stimulate the lucid dream? Textiles will be printed from handmade collages on paper, and will interact site-specifically with the space of the room, including a set of custom bed linens, curtains, and garments intended for sleeping in. Works on paper, hypnotic and psychedelic visions, will record dream-encounters and aim at encouraging drowsiness and feelings of dusk. Custom made ceramic vessels, filled with flower arrangements, rest on the bed side tables awaiting your return to the waking world.

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