Backbeatbolaget KONST

Habitación 211

Backbeatbolaget KONST

Sandviken, Suecia


Backa Carin Ivarsdotter
Jon Perman
Karin Bäckström
Jonas Westlund


Backbeatbolaget KONST presents an exhibition fusing together artworks and expressions by three artists connected to the Backbeatbolaget art scene. Backa Carin Ivarsdotter, based in Stockholm, Stockholm and a well-established artist in the Swedish public art scene. She will for this project work together with the artistic duo [krig], based in Sandviken, Sweden – to  create an exhibition focused on a spatial art experience and the unconventional exhibision space that the hotel room represents.   fusing together their individual art expressions. The exhibition will present Backa Carins textile, light and room décor, and audio and textile installations and artworks by [krig]. The exhibition also involves a third artist; Jonas Westlund, based in Gävle, Sweden. Jonas will present a human and bodily perspective a video artwork build up in layers featuring one hundred Video Bloggers/vloggers from Youtube on top of each other – endlessly speaking about their topis into the void.

Sobre el espacio

Backbeatbolaget KONST is a space for art at Kungen – a independent culturehouse in Sandviken Sweden. Backbeatbolaget is arranging concerts, art -exhibitions and other cultural events on a regular basis. We also have studios for music and screen-print, as well as a lot of DIY-creation space.


Backbeatbolaget was founded 1975 as a part of the non-commercial music-movement. Today it is still operating in a D-I-Y – spirit but with a wider focus on alternative culture, art, music and film. Backbeatbolagets space fort art is called «KONST» and urges experiment, local interest and participation in artistic processes, as well as creative conditions and fair wages for artists. Through our residency program artists are invited to exhibit and be a part of the Backbeatbolaget collective.

Karin Bäckström