continuo presents a sound and visual experience. The live performance of Slvj and Cruhda is joined by the visual creations of Rayuli and Judith Adataberna, all on a set created site-specific for the room by the members of continuo.

Paula Tweaker A.K.A. CRUHDA works a dark and lyrical electronic music that we could call DarkCopla. In her EP ÍBERA MORTE, co-produced by AVEL, she mixes sounds from the old tradition of the Castilian steppe with invocations and cracks that connect with the beyond. She made its official debut at the ITHAKA festival and has recently shared the stage with Moor Mother. 

Judith Adataberna is trained in Fine Arts, where she discovered her passion for the image by exploring the relationships between psyche, artifice and nature. In a multidisciplinary way, she has worked with photography, fashion and experimental film, collaborating with various professionals in the field. She has participated with video installations in several exhibitions such as Lan(d) Party, Despiece(s) in Madrid and Sim Gallery in Reykjavik. As a performer she has collaborated with Mar Reyjkavik and Emma Backlünd and has participated in Die Vögel “Ser alien” in Daoiz and Velarde in Madrid.