Hybrid Art Fair presents the third edition of Displaced, a programme of ephemeral interventions from independent artists in the common areas of the fair.

How to participate

Deadline of the open call: 12 January

Selected artists 2020

David Benarroch – Midnight bar y Please do not disturb

Esther Ventura Gálvez – Simetría Divina

Isabel Flores – Develado

Jennifer Custodio – Las Churreras

Julia Tazreiter y Hui Ye – No

Laura Navarro – Self-selfies

Laura Voskian – Un poco de polvo al sol, un poco de barro cuando llueve

Sílvia Ferrer – Manifiesto Desciudar

Tomás González Justicia – De Madrid al Cielo

Víctor Solanas – Sponge- Brick Wall

David Benarroch participates to the section with two pieces: Midnight bar y Please do not disturb. The first one is a sculpture that deconstructs the concept of ‘Gentleman’ by questioning the current concept of masculinity, specially in the Middle East since the artist is a native middle eastern. The second art piece uses a doorknob as a medium to exhibit a painting, taking as reference the iconic sign that can typically be found in hotels, and simultaneously playing with the polysemic meaning of the word ‘Disturb’. Esther Ventura Gálvez offers a luminous installation, Simetría Divina, based on the conceptualization of the patterns that rule Nature and the human being. Develado is the installation that  Isabel Flores conceived considering the space that’ll host the art piece and that revises the modern prejudices against the decorative elements impulsed by the architect Adolf Loos in Ornament and Crime. (1907). In Las Churreras, Jennifer Custodio presents a narrative to tell in a dynamic, material and sonorous way how did the image that forms the main element of the installation happen. NO is a collaboration between Julia Tazreiter and Hui Ye that uses the morpheme NO as a material for its artistic work: an installation that includes drawings and sound. The performance Self-selfies by Laura Navarro is constituted by a consultancy cabinet for visual content creation on social networks and particularly on Instagram. A specialist on contemporary simulations will give advice and help out in the creation of visual content according to the message that social media users want to transmit, allowing them to better their virtual life. With Un poco de polvo al sol, un poco de barro cuando llueve, Laura Voskian develops the idea of the journey and the itinerary, not only as an esthetic experience but also as a reflexion on a past that indirectly belongs to her. The audiovisual installation Manifiesto Desciudar, approaches the theme of young artists and urban exodus. The documentary gathers the reasons why the creative workers decide to abandon big cities and move to rural areas. In De Madrid al Cielo, Tomás González Justicia analizes, through an installation made of luminous boxes, the famous proverb that gives its title to his art piece. Víctor Solanas shows with Sponge- Brick Wall his permanent interest for the redefinition of public space through the intervention of industrial elements, inviting the viewer to a constant reflexion on space and its occupation as well as on the temporal and spatial scale that is imposed upon us by our era.

Selected artists 2019

Laura Navarro – soydios@yahoo.com

Ana Daganzo – Soluciones/ Reacciones

Sergio D Loeda – Sin título

Jan Raydan Bastidas – Kaos Play

Nacho García –  In case of Stendhal

Miguel Angelit – No soy

Jose Carlos Rivera – Here.There

Iria Martínez – Acople

José Bravo – Vertical Border

Alsira Monforte Baz – Lomismo

Nuuco – El hilo

Alicia Torres Simón – Gran Dorado

María Mrn Trd – Hasta sentir el mudar

soydios@yahoo.com is a performance by Laura Navarro in which visitors will be able to fill out their own complaint forms to God and receive an email response. Soluciones/ Reacciones by Ana Daganzo presents a set of pieces that conceptually link the principles and processes of alchemical practice with experimental photographic techniques. Sergio D Loeda proposes a site specific installation with enormous rice papers normally used for the practice of both Japanese and Chinese calligraphy. With Kaos Play, Jan Raydan Bastidas proposes a co-creative sound experience. Nacho García, an artist who uses humour as a central point in his work, has created a surface on which visitors can faint if they notice symptoms of Stendhal’s syndrome. Miguel Angelit’s action No soy aims to show, through Butoh dance, the constant change of our being. With the installation Here.There, Jose Carlos Rivera proposes a process that brings together different explorations around the landscape, seeing it as an active place influenced by the human being, with language as the basis of his analysis. Acople is a sculptural piece by Iria Martínez in which she approaches the adaptation of what is apparently opposed or different, the opaque and the transparent, the classic and the new, the rigid and the flexible. José Bravo will work with a thread of 8000 meters the concept of non-space around those who transit our actions. Lomismo, by Alsira Monforte Baz, is an installation that tries to investigate the passing of time, its most material and banal rest, exploring the residue and organic form produced in an object within a domestic space. Nuuco presents the installation and performative work El Hilo, which reproduces the experience of an immigrant from Africa who travels to Europe. Alicia Torres Simón exhibits Gran Dorado, a large sculptural piece that investigates the chemical reaction produced by the mixture of gold leaf and acrylic resin. Hasta sentir el mudar from Maria Mrn Trd is an installation made up of multiple pieces that dialogue with each other forming a poetic-visual whole.

Selected artists 2018

Ana Velez – Chamberí

David Macho – Kit de artista

Elvira Palazuelos – Drawing Through

Javier Montoro – B-Ring

Jesús Moreno ‘J.M.YES’ – Mudanza

Jose Carlos Rivera – Mientras duermes

Juan Antonio Cerezuela – I Wish I Was Warhol, But I’m Just an Unknown Artist

Lidia Orán – Marina

Los Vendaval – Perfil de artista

Marta Pinilla – Samsa Everett

Óscar de la Fuente – Pisadas en eco

Paula Valdeón – Otra restitución

Victor Ripoll – El castigo

In these art installations we’ll see the work of artists Lidia Orán, who will transport us to the seashore; Paula Valdeón, presenting a project that intends to generate a personal (de)composition reflecting on memory, ruins and the material nature of inhabited spaces; Ana Velez, who will show how space relates directly to memory and identity-building with her project Chamberí; Los Vendaval, who will reflect on the matters that affect the art community; Javier Montoro, presenting a complex of installations that stablish a conversation from different places dissociated in space; and Jesús Moreno ‘J.M.Yes’, with a mobile installation that separates a geometric image by emphasizing each of the parts that build it. There are other pieces of performative art, such as Mientras Duermes (While you Sleep), by Jose Carlos Rivera, which consists in a night walk from the Petit Palace Santa Bárbara Hotel, headquarters of the fair, to the foot of the mountains. The result of this action will be shown in a multimedia installation in the hallway of the fair. David Macho will reflect on being an artist today with a performative installation, while Victor Ripoll will take reprisal against bankers, politicians and the powerful elites. Marta Pinilla intends to surprise the visitor with a performative action including sculptural suits designed by herself, with her combined knowledge of art and biology.  Finally, artist Juan Antonio Cerezuela will generate a dialogue with his own performance around the project and the current art scene. In addition, artist Elvira Palazuelos will explore the hotel areas as transit spaces by drawing ephemeral large-scale illustrations and turning the walls into surfaces to be visually and bodily traversed, and Óscar de la Fuente, with his sound installation, will play with the sound and the rhythm of the visitors’ steps.