Saturday night presents a selection of performances curated by Litorate, or what is the same, by Joaquín León; musician, filmmaker and visual designer. Thus, the main performances of the 2nd night of the fair will be Kamala Sutra and Glue Kids, the musical project of DJ Tres.

Kamala Sutra dedicates his life to the techno scene. In 2010 she started to play and promote his own electronic events with the ASA People collective. In 2014 travels to London and is a resident of the Legion Club. Starts his own productions in 2012, but it is not until 2018, in Madrid, that Kamala appears with his openly emotional and hypnotic sound, which captivates the Musica Dispersa collective and opens the way for the production company in a new festival called “Woman in Experimental” which is celebrated all over Europe. In 2019 she releases her first EP “you forgot u love me” and later presents her project “Embryo”, an audiovisual show. In addition, Andrea is the artistic director of the Bruto Madrid brand and has worked as a performer in several events.