continuo presents a sound and visual experience. The live performance of Slvj and Cruhda is joined by the visual creations of Rayuli and Judith Adataberna, all on a set created site-specific for the room by the members of continuo.

Slvj is one of the most influential djs in Madrid. She belongs to Abismal, a collective that revolutionized the way of doing electronics from the periphery during 2010. Their productions use geolocalized recordings to create loops, atmospheres and rhythms of bass, techno and abstract hip-hop from a queer and ecological perspective. His tracks have appeared on labels such as FuturePastZine or Caballito. 

Rayuli is a visual artist who works with digital, creative code and video installation to generate experiential states. Her particular sensitivity as a medical specialist in radiology makes her ponder on the potential of the body as an artistic material, using the (non)diagnostic image as inspiration. Within the project Abismal she worked as a visual manager where she contributed to the fact that festive events were also sensory experiences.